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The amazing new online member management / payment software solution!

It used to be so hard to manage your member-driven business…

Running your business, collecting the fees, scheduling appointments and training, keeping track of members and managing your employees while you’re trying to figure out how to get new clients in the door has always been hard. Then add to that the fact that we’re in a bright, new, social media-driven world that will leave you behind if you don’t have a slammin’ website, a FaceBook page, and Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, and the whole thing just becomes an overwhelming mountain to climb. That’s how it used to be before ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER and the MoneyMovers, Inc. Connection…



But Not Anymore…

Get your business totally connected with the first fully integrated Online Payment Processing, Club Member Management and Interactive Marketing and Sales Website Program. It’s the complete processing, management and marketing program for your member-driven business.

More Features

Easy & Safe EFT and ACH
Payment Transactions

MoneyMovers, a fully PCI-DSS Compliant Electronic Funds Transfer Gateway Processor with Credit Card Processing, EFT, OBM, and SmartSite© POS websites.

Automatic Debits / Credits, EFT, Conversion, Credit Cards, NSF Resubmission.

Moneymovers, Inc. has everything you need to streamline your online billing process.

Robust, Easy-to-Learn
Member Management Software

When it comes to member management software that includes credit card processing services and electronic funds transfer processing, and manages the day to day coordination of your membership’s activities, work with a company that listens to what you need and personalizes their software to your business’s style.

That company is MoneyMovers, Inc. and the software is ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER.

The SmartSite©

Let us build you a Full-featured Multi-page Interactive Parallax E-Commerce Website. We’ll link it right to ONLINE BUSINESS MANAGER so that all your online sales go directly into your OBM database, ready for management and billing.

Build special Membership offers in OBM and make them available online, tracked by Google Analytics through our SEO/Analytics program and watch your business grow!

The SlimSite©

OR… We can build you a simple but classy three page SlimSite© where you can sell memberships and offer great promos. Link it to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts, and make it available on all the search engines.

We’ll link it right to OBM so your online sales and new memberships are instantly ready for management and billing. SEO and Google Analytics included.

Fantastic Apps Available

Try our new AccessPass App with a member generated Barcode for instant check-in at your local club using your mobile device. Includes the Member Portal Personal Training Scheduler Module.

And get our new ClubFinder App to locate the fitness club near you and join online. Just find your state, check the location of listed clubs in that state and choose one. You will receive detailed map and contact information so you can visit the club nearest you.

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You will love it.

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The Most Powerful Member Management Software. Say Hello to OBM.

Innovation and convenience at your fingertips


This Is One Amazing Software!

EFT/ACH payment gateway, complete member management,
e-commerce websites, member prospecting system, apps for check-in and scheduling…

OBM Does it all!

Members! Manage Your Account From Any Smartphone

With our new AccessPass App you can check-in to your club with your smartphone, schedule training sessions, check your current services and training purchases and review and purchase new offers.

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